The vice president for security at CA Technologies, Vic Mankotia continues a career of more than two decades in security software sales. Throughout this time, he has participated in events hosted by the World Economic Forum, such as its Annual Meeting of the New Champions. Recently, Vic Mankotia helped facilitate its session, Resilience in a Hyperconnected World.

The World Economic Forum (WEC) offered this session in May of 2014 as part of the East Asia Regional Meeting in the Dusit Thani Hotel in Metro Manila, the Philippines. It served to launch a continuing project addressing the issue of hyperconnectivity.

Providing participants with a broad discussion on technology, Resilience in a Hyperconnected World covered both its benefits, such as being a universal equalizer, and its risks, such as the potential for privacy invasion. The session focused on three main topics to do with technology: its ability to empower individuals, its use in disaster response, and the ways in which it seeks to address cyber risks.                            


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