As vice president of CA Technologies, Vic Mankotia possesses extensive knowledge of the steps involved in computer security. Under his leadership, CA Technologies helps set up computer security measures for companies in Japan and the Asia Pacific region. Vic Mankotia has close to two decades of experience in the software industry. He recently discussed the necessary measures to keeping information safe within a cloud service.

According to Mr. Mankotia, there are three components to keeping personal information safe within a cloud. They are identity, access, and advanced authentication. Choosing cloud services that comply with SSAE 16, ISO 27001, and the Federal Information Security Management Act is a good start, but it is not enough.

To ensure a person’s safety in the cloud, it is important that the cloud recognizes the user is indeed an authorized user or customer before granting access. This is accomplished through advanced authentication procedures. Every user must use a specific user ID and password; should the wrong ID or password be used, additional steps are taken to verify the user's identity. Sites may require access to come from the same IP address each time.